The kingdom of a little sleepyhead. It encourages to laze with its joyful decoration and aesthetic workmanship. Safety appliance guarantees peaceful sleep of a child and also of a careful parent. Fitted chest can contain not only additional bedclothes and blankets, but also, if needed, after purchasing measured mattress, can have additional function of a sleeping place. Piece for self-assembly. Mattress if a separate element.

Measurements: length: 193.8 cm x width: 94 cm x hight: 86 cm.
Mattress: 190 cm x 90 cm
Material: lacquered MDF board, wooden rack.

Price: from 2.000 zł
meble do pokoju dziecka
cradle baby's bed child's bed chest of five drawers
chest of drawers case wardrobe 90 wardrobe 120
chest for toys safety appliance sleepclothes chest
meble dla dzieci białe