pink elephants

company is an outcome of a friendship of two sisters. Caroline graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and is responsible for the artistic view of the enterprise. Marta, mother of a three-year-old Aleks and one-year-old Zuza, fulfils the venture with a pragmatic view and the knowledge of young parents needs. Together, with enthusiasm and belief in their idea for a living, they want to present the most special furniture for children.
our aim

is to create friendly environment for the youngest child, where pieces of furniture are not only useful but also beautiful. Solid structure and the best quality are combined with the exceptional, hand made decorations. Artistic level of proposed decorations and their taste give evidence of not stereotypical approach to products for the youngest. Carefully chosen colours and funny, original patterns enchant and appeal even to adults.

PINK ELEPHANTS make every effort to fulfil the highest safety standards. Furniture had been tested in Engineering Centre of Developing Product Quality 'Atest' Ltd. We use materials of highest quality. Furniture is created from resistant MDF boards, laminated chip boards and solid wood. Lacquers of Italian ICA brand meet the most restrictive European norms of non-toxicity. Systems and accessories from renown German brand Blum have lifetime guarantee and ISO 9001 Certificate.
Self-closing drawers or cuttings in toy-chests prevent from catching child's fingers. To avoid furniture's falling down when being weighted down by a child, wardrobes, cases and shelves have special bands to fasten to the wall (screws proper for your wall can be bought separately). Fixed shelves are impossible to be pulled down. In case of furniture for children there are no small elements (like little blinds for screws) that could be swallowed.
What makes PINK ELEPHANTS' offer the most special on Polish market is the inclusion of a client into the process of designing. The parent not only has the chance to choose the colour of each element, but also the kind of decoration and the way they are combined. The most important matter for us is the best contact with the final receiver, the outcome are unusual, individual projects.

Furniture from PINK ELEPHANTS is the example of modern artistic handicraft. Pieces are produced away from factories and assembly lines, they are made together with local carpenters and material providers. The most important matter for us if the issue of social responsibility, that is the reason why all activities of our company are based on dialogue, honesty and respect for clients and for employees.