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Complete set of furniture that interests you and treat it as canvas on which you create an unique decoration!


Choose your favourite colours from the range that is full of energy and joyfull! Mix the colours and combine them!


Jump into the world of decorations from fairytale! Choose one of the six main themes or combine them!
We would like to include you in the process of designing to let you have a product that is unique and tailored for your expectations. Choose a piece, colour it and acquaint yourself with the catalogue of hand-drawn decorations – if it enchants you call us or write an email! Together we will establish the details, change size, move decorations or we will make your favourite monsters stand one by one. We will create an individual design that, after you accept it, will be produced.

If your space if limited PINK ELEPHANTS enable you to choose the best option between our product, that is fully measured furniture, and your needs. Costs of modifications change according to their range and are individually talked over with a client.

Each piece from PINK ELEPHANTS is signed with a brass logo.